AS Tracking school ACCREDITATION

Schools work towards AS TRACKING ACCREDITED STATUS over the course of a pilot and then roll out year, supported by their STEER consultant.

Becoming an AS Tracking accredited school means that AS Tracking is now fully embedded across your whole school, and is properly integrated within your wider pastoral structures. Accredited status means you will be able to clearly demonstrate to inspectors, governors & parents alike your proactive, targeted pastoral care to support the personal development of each pupil. AS Tracking accredited school status is a stamp of pastoral care excellence, increasingly recognised by the profession.

Achieving accredited status involves fulfilling the AS Tracking accreditation criteria in 5 key areas:

  • The quality and consistency of AS Tracking training and practice
  • The quality of data security and ethical use of AS Tracking
  • The quality of AS Tracking pupil assessment procedures
  • The quality of AS Tracking action planning, implementation and review
  • The quality of integration of the AS Tracking data within wider school systems

Within each area, there are a number of standards which you will be assessed against.