STEER in China

STEER is improving children's social-emotional development in Chinese schools through our Footprints curriculum

In 2019, 10 government schools in the city of Suzhou, 60 miles from Shanghai, are pioneering the Footprints Curriculum to support their children's social-emotional development.

Read news of Footprints from our Chinese partner schools

Learning about our social footprints at Xinggang School, Suzhou

Footprints at Jinj Lake School, Suzhou

Chinese teachers and students embrace Footprints

"The development of emotional and social skills can improve students' mental health, friendship and learning status, so that children can better manage their adolescence. The STEER Footprints course also provides healthy social and emotional support for each family education, encouraging each child to take the initiative to share his growing up with parents when he returns home"

"Looking at these enthusiastic faces, we know that children love the STEER apprenticeship course. I believe that children will definitely get more self-growth after the course goes deeper."

Dr Simon Walker was invited to present to 1,500 Headteachers at the 2018 China Future Schools National Conference in Chongqing