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STEER is working together with Teen Tips to promote preventative mental health

STEER and Teen Tips announce they are bringing their expertise together to provide a ground-breaking preventative mental health programme that empowers parents, teachers and young people to prevent mental health ‘crashes’.

Young people are suffering more mental health issues than ever before. This is reflected by the spiralling rise in referrals for children’s mental health services which are under increasing pressure. NHS data shows the total number of referrals to specialists has risen from 343,386 in 2017/18 to 405,479 in 2018/19 - an increase of 18 per cent.

STEER and Teen Tips provide a safety net solution, putting the young person’s voice at the heart of pastoral care and helping schools and parents to create environments where children are heard, supported and can thrive.

STEER’s pioneering online psychological assessment - AS Tracking, is an early-warning system designed by scientists to identify young people’s risks when they are still hidden. The tool enables teachers themselves to have a preventative impact in school, rather than waiting for a referral to a clinical specialist, where 50% of young people now wait more than 18 weeks for an initial CAMHS assessment. Schools using AS Tracking have reduced levels of self-harm by 20%.

Teen Tips’ proactive and preventative approach to mental health includes an online mental health & wellbeing training course which empowers and equips teachers and parents with the skills and knowledge to understand adolescent behavior and identify and support young people at risk of mental illness. This holistic approach ensures support is consistent and aligned, both in schools and at home.

Dr Simon Walker, Co-Founder of STEER says: “Some children need to be referred to a mental health specialist. However, when equipped with the right training and the right guidance at the right time, school itself can be a place where many children learn to become well. The impact of STEER and Teen Tips together can be to move mental health reaction to prevention.”

Alicia Drummond, Founder of Teen Tips says: “We are facing a mental health crisis. The crisis is a symptom of environment, be that at home, in school or online and the focus has too long been on cure, not prevention. We’re delighted to be collaborating with STEER. We see this as the Gold Standard in pastoral care which focuses firmly on prevention.”

Watch our short animation on how together STEER and Teen Tips can deliver preventative mental health