STEER is developing USTEER, a technology designed to support students in their transition to independent learning and living in higher education.

Schools who support their students using AS Tracking increasingly want to equip them to thrive beyond school. University provides a challenging environment in which an increasing number of students struggle to manage independent living and learning. Increased academic, financial and social pressures are resulting in more students dropping out, or being de-railed, during their student career.

USTEER is a new app being developed by STEER to support students across that transition.

USTEER will enable students to understand their own patterns of behaviour, plan their approach to independent learning more effectively, and reach out for help more easily when they require it.

Information for schools

USTEER is in development. The technology will be piloted in 2018 and then launched to AS Tracking schools following successful trials. Watch this short 2 minute animation to learn more about how USTEER follows on from AS Tracking.