AS Tracking

AS Tracking Costs

Schools work towards AS TRACKING ACCREDITED STATUS over the course of a launch and then roll out year, supported by their own dedicated STEER consultant.

The 2018-19 price of AS Tracking is £18.25/pupil per annum licence fee +vat.

Included within your pupil licence fee:

  • unlimited AS Tracking assessments per child/year
  • secure & tracked pupil data
  • priority pupil identification
  • online pupil action planning tools
  • online whole school welfare analytics tools
  • integration with your school's MIS and senior management reports.

There is a minimum launch size of 100 pupils for prep schools and 175 for senior schools.

The cost of the support package for your AS Tracking launch start from £750 + vat, and is dependent on the cohort size.

The success of AS Tracking adoption is dependent on the quality of implementation. Built into the cost of an AS Tracking launch is a comprehensive support package to ensure schools are fully trained, resourced and equipped. The launch support package incorporates additional services to those incorporated within the annual AS Tracking pupil licence fee.

Included within your launch support package:

1. Delegate places on an AS Tracking practitioner training day (4 for preps or 5 for seniors)
Training courses are held throughout the year, hosted around the country by AS Tracking schools. Delegate places must be offered to Heads of Year, or Head of House whose pupils are participating in the launch. It is mandatory for the designated AS T senior practitioner (usually the deputy head pastoral) to attend an AS T practitioner training day. To alleviate staffing difficulties, schools may send delegates to different training courses.

2. IT Training, guidance and support We provide training, guidance and support to ensure your AS T IT Lead is fully resourced and equipped to implement the technical aspects of AS Tracking. This includes: data import, administration rights, data security, integration of AS T data within your wider IT data systems, and the effective running of the assessment on your school devices.

3. AS Tracking post assessment tutorials with your designated School Consultant Following each round of assessment, newly trained practitioners will have a post assessment tutorial with their AS T Consultant, building their expertise in analysing and using their pupils’ data. The senior practitioner will receive an additional tutorial; this is an opportunity to discuss emerging themes in the data, and be guided in how to put in place systems and processes to ensure AS T is embedded within wider school pastoral structures.

Example (not including VAT)

  • Senior School A decided to run a launch for 200 pupils (approximately 2 year groups, or 3 houses). Their 200 pupil licences cost £3650 and their launch support package cost £900.
  • In year 2, they rolled out AS Tracking to their whole school of 600 pupils. Their 600 licences cost £10,950 and their roll out support package (for that scale of roll out) cost £1100. At the end of the year, they obtained AS TRACKING ACCREDITED SCHOOL STATUS.
  • In year 3, as an AS Tracking accredited school, they did not require a further support package. Their ongoing AS Tracking costs were simply £10,950 for their 600 pupil licences.

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