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Increasingly schools want to act proactively to prevent pastoral car crashes rather than respond once they occur. AS Tracking is designed to achieve just that.

AS tracking is a breakthrough adolescent development tool that helps schools act earlier through a pioneering system to detect a pupil's hidden risks.

STEER adheres to a strict code of conduct to ensure the ethical use of AS Tracking

Our code, signed by user schools, ensures that AS Tracking is used for its intended scope. The code prevents, for example, AS Tracking data being used to prevent selection to a school or university, and ensures teachers are fully trained and supervised to use the AS Tracking data appropriately. Read the full code of conduct below.

  1. We are committed to providing high quality training, building high quality in school expertise. 1.1 Schools designate appropriate numbers of practitioners who attend the AS Tracking Practitioner Training Day. 1.2 Each school is appointed a designated AS Tracking Consultant who delivers a series of bespoke AS Tracking tutorials to colleagues. 1.3 All training is delivered by highly trained, well supervised AS Tracking Consultants.

  2. We ensure AS Tracking is embedded within high quality pastoral practice. 2.1 All schools follow an accreditation scheme, which validates four areas of practice. 2.2 Accreditation is only given to schools who evidence the highest quality of AS Tracking pastoral practice. 2.3 Schools have access to high quality resources to support high quality AS Tracking pastoral practice

  3. We are committed to transparency and a high quality of information governance. 3.1 We resource schools with a wide range of resources to explain AS Tracking to their parent and pupil body, and wider school community e.g. school nurses and counsellors 3.2 We guide schools in responding to questions and concerns from parents, pupils and the wider school community

  4. We respect the rights of parents and pupils to withdraw from AS Tracking assessments. 4.1 Where parents or pupils raise concerns, schools are resourced with a wide range of resources to allay concerns or resolve confusion. 4.2 Should parents or pupils choose to opt out, their decision is respected. 4.3 Where requested, parents or pupils should be allowed to opt in again.

  5. We are committed to collecting pupil data in accordance with the highest ethical standards. 5.1 The methodology of the AS Tracking assessment has been rigorously designed to be accessible to all pupils irrespective of age, additional educational needs or culture. 5.2 Where barriers may remain, schools are provided with resources to improve accessibility. 5.3 The assessment uses neutral language to lessen any possibility of external priming or emotional triggering. 5.4 Pupils are well prepared and well supervised through the assessment process. 5.5 AS Tracking should not be used as a selection tool. Data is collected to support the pastoral provision given to pupils already on roll at a school.

  6. We are committed to storing data in accordance with the highest standards of data protection. 6.1 Data is processed in accordance with the six data protection principles of best practice and specified in our Data Protection Policy. 6.2 We are UK government Cyber Essentials accredited.

  7. All AS Tracking Consultants abide by the Code of Conduct for Consultants. 7.1 All AS Tracking consultants sign the Code of Conduct for Consultants; they are held accountable should this be reneged upon.

  8. We are explicit about the claims of AS Tracking. 8.1 AS Tracking data provides an additional advisory measure to inform and guide proactive, targeted and evidenced based pastoral care. AS Tracking should not be used as a sole, isolated or absolute indicator of any single pupil mental health risk, pastoral risk or concern. As such, AS Tracking data provides an increased degree of accuracy in pastoral decision making, not an infallible one, as confirmed in our literature.

  9. We follow and give explicit guidelines to inform data sharing. 9.1 Schools are given explicit guidelines to inform their practice in sharing AS T data with pupils and parents. AS tracking is a professional pastoral assessment and reporting tool, used by trained educational professionals. Data is not presented in a format suitable for parents or pupils. Where parents or pupils request to see their data, it must be in the context of dialogue, and not released without context. 9.2 Schools are given explicit guidelines to inform their practice when sharing AS T data with the wider school community. All school professionals with access to pupil data must receive a level of training appropriate to their role. Schools are advised to restrict IT permission levels as appropriate. 9.3 Schools will be given guidance in how to share AS T data with Health Professionals but schools will follow their own data sharing guidelines when sharing with external health professionals. 9.4 STEER may refer to pupil or school data to explain or evidence AS Tracking to a wider educational community. At such times, names and context will be changed to eliminate identification. 9.5 As pupils’ transition from one school to another, schools may use AS T Forward to transfer pupils’ AS Tracking data to another AS Tracking user school. Data must not be sent to schools who are not AS Tracking user schools. Data may only be transferred once the pupil has confirmed their destination school and accepted their place. Data transfer will assist the receiving school in putting place pastoral provision, and ensuring an ongoing data narrative for each pupil. It must play no part in the selection process.

  10. We are committed to giving all pupils ownership of their data at Y13 transition and through USTEER. 10.1 AS Tracking is a means by which pupils’ social and emotional development can be tracked from the ages of 8- 18. On leaving school at 18, ownership of this data will be retained by STEER and the school leaver alone. 10.2 We retain the data on our system in compliance with our data protection policy.

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