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Data Protection

STEER collects small data responsibly, transparently, ethically and securely

In a digital world of increasing awareness around data privacy, use and misuse by large internet and social media firms, STEER serves as a trusted provider to keep the data of schools, and their young people, safe.

Parents and young people have legitimate concerns about companies which collect and store sensitive information. STEER's policies and codes of conduct are transparent and explicit about what the company will, and will not do, with any data it holds.


  • complies with the highest standards of data security, utilising trusted credentialised server partners.
  • is accredited under the UK government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.
  • guarantees in no circumstances to share with third parties.

STEER does not collect BIG data on children, but carefully selected SMALL data. Big data is when our browsing behaviour online is used to create a profile of us, sometimes misused or even sold, to market products, ideas, views and images to us. Through the twice/annual AS Tracking assessment which pupils' undertake, STEER collects targeted, scientifically important information, which is only seen and used by trained practitioners for the reasons it was collected.

“In 10 years of tracking a pupil from the age of 8-18, STEER collects less data than Google or Facebook collects in 10 minutes of your child's internet browsing.”

Dr Jo Walker, Director, STEER and mother of three teenage children

STEER also has a strong design to prevent risks of individual identification

  • STEER follows the ICO's Privacy by Design principles.
  • The data held by STEER is encrypted
  • Pupil personal identifiable information is anonymised by schools before it is disclosed to STEER.
  • STEER undertakes regular reviews, auditing and testing of the technical and organisational measures used to secure its data in compliance with the GDPR and is committed to continuously improving security according to emerging threats.

STEER has strict restrictions on how its AS Tracking pupil assessment data is used

  • Schools will not use AS Tracking assessment data for selection purposes.
  • AS tracking data will not be shared with any other institution beyond the school (e.g. GP, counsellor), without explicit consent.
  • AS Tracking data is passed to a pupil at the age of 18. It is not shared with an employer or university unless the individual chooses to do so.

"In a world where data is harvested endlessly, casually and exploitatively, our goal at STEER is to curate and safeguard your child's journey of social & emotional development with the greatest of care. One day, this journey, which we have looked after for them until they are 18, will become their own. I hope it will be for them a road map in an uncertain world."

Dr Simon Walker, CEO, STEER and father of three children