IT Integration

IT Integration

STEER provides excellent, expert and efficient IT integration for user schools adopting our technologies

AS Tracking is not another school IT or Management Information System. Unlike those systems, AS Tracking does not simply channel, organise & present your own existing data back to you. AS Tracking supplies you with a layer of entirely new insight about how your children are developing.

- The tool harvests that layer of information through a short bi-annual online pupil assessment schedule, developed to measure how pupils are steering their thinking;

- The AS Tracking platform then interrogates your pupils' data against a huge database of global data;

- Analysis is supplied in real time back to teachers through both the AS Tracking browser & app user interfaces;

- Teachers interact directly with the data reports and follow step-by-step procedures to write targeted action plans to support identified pupils. These are stored on both our server, but can also be linked to your MIS, emailed and shared to all staff, and are updatable.

- Pupils' progress is recorded at the following assessment rounds, curating a narrative of their development from the age of 8-18. This AS Tracking record can be electronically and securely passed from one school to the next as the child progresses their education.

- At the age of 18, that data becomes the pupil's; we provide them with an app, USTEER, to take their data away to continue steering their journey beyond school at university, in a job or in life in general.

In summary

- AS Tracking is not an MIS but integrates with an MIS, supplying a layer of cognitive data not otherwise available to schools

- AS Tracking harvests this data through a proprietary scientific assessment, faciliated by an online platform**

- AS Tracking equips and informs teachers' targeted pastoral care, using this data, instantly accessible via mobile app and browser UIs

- AS Tracking records the development of a pupil from the age of 8; at 18 we provide an app for the pupil to continue steering their journey

- AS Tracking is GDPR compliant through privacy by design

From a teacher's perspective here's what AS Tracking provides

How we support integration of AS Tracking into a school's IT system

At STEER our goal is to enable your school to swiftly and successfully integrate the AS Tracking IT platform into your suite of educational management tools. We are practiced at supporting school IT departments; we understand your needs and respond to your suggestions for improvements.

What we support:

  • The initial annual import of pupil & staff data from your MIS
  • Anonymisation of school data
  • Assessment testing and delivery
  • Permission setting on your AS Tracking platform
  • Reporting, tracking and analysing pupil AS Tracking data
  • Curating & updating pupil action plans
  • AS Tracking FORWARD to transfer pupil AS Tracking records onward to a pupil's future school
  • Export of AS Tracking data back into your MIS
  • Encryption and security of your school data.

Browser compatability

AS Tracking is a cross-browser, UK hosted, server-based platform. Your AS Tracking platform will be continuously updated with the latest upgrades and enhancements and will never out of date.

Data protection

Detailed information about our GDPR compliance can be found on the Data Protection page

Feedback from school IT departments about STEER AS Tracking support

“A huge thank you for your support yesterday, I couldn’t have done this without you. Much appreciated”

“Wow, thank you for being able to get back to me with answers so quickly. This should mean that our meeting today can focus on running through what we need to do. Thanks again.”

“Thank you so much! This is easier than I thought it would be and I am delighted that we can still assess this pupil so that she is in line with the rest of her cohort.”

“Many thanks for this. I think this will help to make things run seamlessly at our end. Again (I do mean it!), thank you for dealing with all the questions that have come your way. It’s really appreciated.”

“Wow, thank you for being able to get back to me with answers so quickly. This should mean that our meeting today can focus on running through what we need to do. Thanks again.”

“Many thanks for your assistance, those Staff records are now perfect.”

“That's awesome! Thanks for your help! We'll proceed and reach out if we have any issues, but I think we are good to go. We really appreciate your help at the last minute.”

“Thank you for all the guidance materials-they are, as always, spot on!”

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