Thought Pieces

Spring 2018: Six new Thought Pieces written by Dr Simon Walker for an invited readership of Headteachers

Dear Headteacher

In the past few months, we’ve been listening to parents who are considering private education: parents from China; parents with children at academies & grammars; parents considering paying for sixth form; parents with children about to leave for university.

We’ve been asking them what they are looking for in a school’s pastoral care. My Easter Thought Pieces share what we have found. Increasingly informed but financially stretched parents are asking schools to explain and justify what makes their pastoral care different from the school down the road. In a context where all schools say their pastoral care is excellent, how can your school stand out from the crowd?

Whilst this series is written with Heads whose schools have launched AS Tracking in mind, the insights are highly relevant to any Head thinking hard about market advantage. So we are sharing them freely.

I hope you find them helpful.