Equipping pupils to steer the road of adolescence

Thought Pieces

STEER provides unique and otherwise unavailable insight for Heads into emerging national adolescent development trends.

Tracking 50,000 pupils biannually, STEER is in the privileged position of harvesting and curating one of the largest chronological databases of adolescent cognitive, social & emotional development in the country. From this we can publish emerging finds, trends and insights.

Every child has a mind with both an engine and steering. We measure how the steering of a child's mind develops using pioneering technologies such as AS Tracking. To our client schools, we then provide specific signposts to teach each of their children how to steer.

But our steering data provides not only specific signposts for our clients, but also national signposts for the whole sector. We are able to publish the developing patterns of thinking, relating and feeling that we are observing in children from the UK and internationally, across our database of five years tracking data, from now more than 80 schools.

Our goal is to provide intelligence to the sector which might otherwise be unavailable. We tend to write about less well known problems linked to widely used practices. For example, the impact of Google on memory; differences in mental health risks for boys and girls; the unconscious effects of social priming on school effectiveness.

We also try to write about what is relevant to the role of being a Head, not just what is interesting to our research. For example, we’ve written about pastoral care under the pressures of the market, or from a Chinese parental perspective; or with pressure from academies. We have three channels which Heads can tap into.

Heads’ Thought Pieces

Series of six short, sharp 600 word pieces with snippets useful for assemblies, staff insets and governors’ meetings. Published twice/ year: Autumn 2017, Spring 2018

FT WEEKEND OXFORD LITERARY FESTIVAL EDUCATION LEADERS CONFERENCE STEER organises andhosts this prestigous festival event, launched in 2019 and returning in 2020. Videos of the 2019 event 'Educating the human mind in a robotic age' can be watched here.

Research page

We publish our primary research on our Research page. For those who want to understand how STEER research and key concepts such as steering cognition relate to the wider cognitive science and adolescent development literature fields.

If you are a Head and you would like to be included on the mailing list for the next series of Thought Pieces, please send an email to fiona@steer.global