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We are delighted to announce that the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival STEER Educational Leaders Conference will be held on 30th March 2020

More information to follow.

2019 FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival STEER Educational Leaders Conference

Educating the Human Mind in a Robotic Age

April 1st 2019

Oxford Literary Festival

The day was designed for educational leaders and policy makers and addressed the changes that are required to educate the human mind in a robotic age.

  • The morning session focused on the effects of social media & digital technologies on the human mind, ability to learn and our mental health.
  • The afternoon session focused on the unique cognitive capabilities required by graduates to succeed in an economy of machine learning and AI.
  • Videos of the keynote presentations can be watched here


Professor John Bargh, Director of the Automaticity in Cognition, Motivation, and Evaluation Lab at Yale University. John has led global research into cognitive priming for the past three decades. John is uniquely positioned to explain the unconscious impacts of the real and digital environments on the minds of young people.

Professor Stephen Roberts, Professor of Machine Learning in Information Engineering at the University of Oxford. Stephen has pioneered the development of intelligent algorithms to analyse big datasets. Stephen will clarify both the power and limits of machine learning, identifying the uniquely human cognitive capacities which will remain critical to educate in a robotic age.

Dr Simon Walker, Co-founder of STEER. Simon has led STEER’s pioneering work in reducing mental health risks, signposting learning-to-learn skills and improving employability in students across more than 100 schools and is an reviewer for UNESCO on AI in Education.