USTEER equips students for life beyond school

USTEER was developed in response to the growing calls for better mental health and pastoral support for post-18 year olds leaving school and starting a job, course or at university.

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The goal of USTEER

The goal of USTEER is to help young people to establish sustainable, resilient and mature foundations for their adult work and life.

Through the app, they can:

  • Better manage pressures e.g. forthcoming exams
  • Prepare for work challenges e.g. a university interview of job placement
  • Develop robust networks of strong friendships
  • Establish greater self-awareness and mentally healthy behaviours

How does USTEER work?

Using a unique technology, the USTEER app enables students to measure and then improve the behaviours and strategies they are using for specific relationships, and forthcoming events.

For example, a relationship might be with friends, team mates, an orchestra or a work colleague. A forthcoming event might be exams, a university interview or work presentation.

Imagine you are Imogen facing your exams…

  • In the Autumn, using the app, Imogen would set up, and then track how she is steering her forthcoming exams.
  • The app would measure four social-emotional biases relevant to Imogen successfully managing her exams- TRUST OF SELF, TRUST OF OTHERS, SEEKING CHANGE AND SELF-DISCLOSURE
  • The app would analyse her scores and identify the pressure she is putting on herself, along with wider relevant social-emotional feedback.
  • The app would then provide Imogen with self-management strategies, or SIGNPOSTS, she can then develop to manage, and succeed in, her forthcoming exams.
  • In the coming weeks, Imogen will be prompted by the app to use these strategies.
  • A few weeks later, Imogen will re-measure her steering using the app, which would show her the progress she has made in improving her steering towards her exams.
  • Imogen will become more in control of her behaviours as a result. She will then be able to use the same process to improve her behaviours for other events, relationships or contexts.

How do schools implement USTEER?

USTEER Tutor is the follow on tool for AS Tracking, the pioneering tool for proactive, targeted, evidenced-based pastoral care.

Let’s return to Imogen to see how the USTEER Tutor app works…

  • Imogen’s tutor would download the USTEER Tutor app.
  • This would enable him to connect to Imogen over USTEER and support her as she sets herself signposts.
  • For example, he can guide and encourage her to use her signpost to prepare for her exams.
  • Imogen’s tutor can help her anticipate and plan for other forthcoming events- a university interview, giving a presentation, even leaving school, using the app.

Who can download and use USTEER?


Schools can use USTEER to prepare Y13 students for life beyond secondary education. Schools using AS Tracking to track their Y13s are able to use USTEER Tutor as part of their STEER package in 2018-19


Universities can also become licenced to use USTEER. This will involve a programme of training for their Tutorial team to equip them to support and guide their students using USTEER. Universities may train a specialist team of tutors, coaches or wellbeing staff for this role. Universities interested in using the USTEER Tutor should contact STEER for more information


Students wanting to use USTEER Student privately can download the app for free on Play Store and App Store or with the QR code below. Private users will not be able to access tutorial support, which is only available for students at USTEER registered schools or universities.


QR download for USTEER Student