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USTEER equips students for life beyond school

USTEER is the follow on tool for AS Tracking, the pioneering tool for proactive, targeted, evidenced-based pastoral care. USTEER enables students in Y12-13 to take ownership of their own AS Tracking data. Using the USTEER app students are able to develop the social-emotional skills to manage their transition to independent study and work beyond school.

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When is it used?

USTEER is used in Y12 and Y13 to prepare students for study, work and life beyond school. USTEER is an app for both tutors and students. Tutors use the app after each round of AS Tracking in Y12 and 13 to scaffold conversations with their students in order to help them prepare for and manage the challenges ahead. For example, preparing for university interviews, coping with the pressure of exams, planning for mocks, performing in sports, drama or music events.

How does it work?

Tutors use the app to guide and equip their students to understand their past AS Tracking data. By looking back at how their steering biases have developed over the past years, students gain an understanding of their own social-emotional strengths and weaknesses. Students can gain confidence from how they have navigated and overcome challenges in the past. Students can gain insight into patterns of thinking which might make the transitions from school to university, or work, more difficult.

Students use the app to look forward, prepare for and anticipate the risks and threats of events coming down the road. For example, using the app, a student can gain an insight into how they will be affected by a forthcoming university interview. The app can show them how their unconscious social-emotional biases are likely to be affected by this event. Using that data, the app can then give the student suggestions as to how to manage the interview more effectively. The student can select suggested behaviours which they want to train themselves to develop. Finally, the app can review how successful the student has been in improving their social-emotional biases as a result of their training.

Students can set any number of future events which they want to train for. These could include performances, exams, work placements. They could also be relationships or groups of which the student is part.

By improving their awareness of how they steer their social-emotional biases, USTEER enables a student to develop the emotional resilience, agility and skills to successfully manage the transition from adolescence to adult life.

Core features

Pioneering tutoring app

Ground-breaking mobile app to link Y12-13 students to their own AS Tracking data

Student self-understanding

Builds student confidence and learning from past experiences during adolescence

Student self-planning

Develops student foresight by planning for future goals, events and relationships

Student self- training

Improves student mental health, resilience and social skills through training activities

Who can use USTEER?

SCHOOLS:- AS Tracking schools can use USTEER as part of their STEER package.

UNIVERSITIES:- Universities interested in using the USTEER should contact STEER for more information.