Footprints teaches KS2 children to develop social-emotional health, awareness and responsibility

Written by award-winning former Behavioural Advisor, Dr Jo Walker, Footprints is a powerful and rich curriculum through which children can learn to manage their feelings and their friendships.

What is Footprints?

The Footprints Curriculum is a two stage, 12 lesson curriculum for KS2 pupils.

Stage 1 teaches children about their social impact on others through four coloured Footprints- Blue Footprints, Yellow Footprints, Orange Footprints and Green Footprints.

Children learn about how they may currently impact on other pupils, as well as learning how they can have other, positive impacts, through using different footprints.

Stage 2 teaches children about self-awareness and emotional development. Through the language of four spaces, children learn how to develop and cultivate all aspects of themselves as a person- their Defining Space, their Adapting Space, their Avoiding Space and their Shaping Space.

“Footprints has given our class a language to talk about ourselves and others’ needs which all the children understand. It’s brilliant.”

How is Footprints taught?

The Footprints curriculum is a character-based curriculum, following the tales of sister and brother Alice and Alistair. The siblings discover their own different four spaces through captivating stories and, through their adventures, learn how to use the four different colour footprints.

The curriculum is resourced by full lesson plans, PPT decks, activity sheets and printable resources. Alice and Alistair also have their own web site pupil’s can access

"The materials, lesson plans and resources for Footprints are all imaginative, clear and easy to use. There is so much there, we often choose to take longer in our lessons to explore it."

How does Footprints relate to AS Tracking?

Footprints is the sister curriculum to AS Tracking. Footprints teaches the psychological constructs which AS Tracking measures. So, for example, Trust of Self- a key AS Tracking construct- is taught as a component of one’s space. Seeking Change, another key AS Tracking construct- is taught as a component of one’s footprint.

AS Tracking provides schools with measurement of pupil’s hidden social-emotional biases. Footprints teaches those pupils how to develop those biases in a healthy way.

Together, Footprints and AS Tracking provide a school with tools to not just signpost and support their pupils, but to equip those pupils themselves to grow and develop as people.

Who can use Footprints?

The Footprints curriculum is available to all primary stage schools who use AS Tracking.

What do pupils say about Footprints?

Y4 and Y5 pupils at Thomas’s London Day Schools have been following the Footprints curriculum for six years…

“I normally use Orange Footprints, but am learning to use Blue Footprints too now”

“You can talk to Footprints when you want to say something”

“Footprints helps me with my friendships and my feelings”

Don't take our word for it...

Shared with kind permission of Lottie and her parents