Equipping pupils to steer the road of adolescence

AST Forward

Prep schools take great care to support their pupils when they leave to go on to secondary education. AS Tracking Forward can help them achieve their aim.

Every pupil is different, and the journey that child have made through primary, to secondary education will not be the same.

AS Tracking enables schools to scaffold their pupils' transitions by passing forward every pupil's AS Tracking history in a secure, digital transfer. AS Tracking provides a historical narrative of the social and emotional development of a child, from the age of 8, which has been recorded twice each year in an objective, reliable and directive format.

The secondary school receiving the AS Tracking data, is able to make more informed decisions about the pastoral support required for each child. For example, their tutoring arrangements, rooming partnerships and other specific help.

This ensures that each child makes the best start they can at their new school.

AS Tracking Forward is increasingly valued as the secure bridge which enables joined-up pastoral care all the way from the age of 8 to 18.

Supporting new pupils joining Wellington is a pastoral priority which we take very seriously. Where AS Tracking records are able to be forwarded to us, it enables us to understand the needs of a specific boy or girl that much sooner. This only strengthens the start that pupil is able to make at our school.

Head, Wellington College

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