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AS Tracking Detect

COVID School lockdown is likely to have had an adverse impact on many students. Making visible and supporting vulnerable students adversely affected will be a key priority for all schools from September.

AS Tracking Detect is a technology which enables schools to track all their pupils' mental health upon their return in September

AS Tracking Detect will detect those pupils with hidden risks

AS Tracking Detect will provide personalised, targeted guidance for schools to ensure every vulnerable child returning to school is supported

AS Tracking Detect will measure the impact of your support again in March, highlighting the positive effect you have had on your most vulnerable during their return to school

AS Tracking Detect equips schools to navigate the different phases of lockdown release

Lockdown release poses different challenges during each phase. For example...

  • During full lockdown being able to track students' mental health remotely.
  • During partial lockdown, measuring the impact of both on-site school and off-site environment on a student's mental health.
  • On return to school, giving targeted messages to priority pupils to enable them to access their learning and thrive.
  • AS Tracking Detect has specific functions to be able to respond to the requirements at each phase.

AS Tracking Detect has multiple functions which enable it to perform the requirements for each lockdown release phase

Remote lockdown assessments

Track at home and at school using STEER app to protect students returning to school or in lockdown.

Screen hidden risks

Detect risks from in-school and outside-school which are impacting a student's mental health.

In-school / Out-of-school risks tracked

Identify where a child is most at risk and the psychological impact on the student.

Target priority pupils

Focus resource early, directly and strategically on those who need support.

Online training & tools

Implement the STEER programme guided by clear, step-by-step online training and tools.

Track pupils from 11-18

Evidence impact of support year-on-year across each student's school journey.

Virtual tutorial support

Virtual tutor sessions available to equip staff to use the data to protect vulnerable students.

Evidence of impact

Track and evidence positive impacts of your student support during the year .

How does AS Tracking Detect work?

AS Tracking Detect works by tracking the steering biases which are developing in the mind of a student. Tracking steering biases is pioneering technology developed by 20 years of STEER research in the UK, involving thousands of students. Steering biases influence the health of social and emotional relationships which a student forms, their developing mental health, and their social competencies.

By tracking a student’s steering biases using AS Tracking Detect, we are able to identify when a student is developing a pattern of thinking which increases their mental health risks, even though this may be hidden.

  • We can detect if that risk is being triggered from something happening in-school or outside school.
  • We can identify what specific messages and support that student needs to receive.
  • By identifying these risks earlier, we can then guide teachers to have targeted conversations with the right students, at the right time.

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AS Tracking Detect builds on seven years of Gold Standard safeguarding

AS Tracking Detect is an affordable version of our renowned Gold Standard tool, AS Tracking.

AS Tracking was launched seven years ago after 15 years of research and is used to track 50,000 pupils across 12 countries within 150 leading schools. AS Tracking is credited with significant reductions in safeguarding & mental health risks and is consistently remarked on by inspectorates. In seven years no STEER accredited school has stopped using AS Tracking.

Schools using AS Tracking Detect data have:

  • Reduced student self-harm by more than 20%
  • Prevented increases in risks in 8 / 10 student cases over the next six months
  • Equipped all staff with a shared language, data and training to provide targeted, proactive, pastoral support

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Watch what teachers themselves say about how AS Tracking has helped them, their schools and their students

STEER has supported schools and safeguarded students across the country during lockdown

The STEER 'supporting vulnerable pupils' tool has been an absolute game changer. The ability to look across a range of biases and pick out targeted comments has been hugely positive in our remote student interactions'

Pangbourne College

The AS Tracking app data was incredibly helpful in trying to support those who have been struggling in lock down.

Cranleigh School

The remote assessment was extremely efficient. Some chose to do it on their mobile phones using the app, others via a link on our Firefly platform.

Kingston Grammar

In response to lockdown, STEER launched a five strand strategy to support schools and safeguard students.

STEER has remotely assessed the mental health of 1,000s of students at home

STEER has guided teachers' remote interaction with their students to give them personalised, targted messages

STEER has provided vulnerable student surgeries to support at risk cohorts during lockdown

STEER has supported families by releasing a new mobile app to support better family interactions

Who is STEER Education?

STEER is a pioneering UK Ed Tech company with a long history of whole-school tracking to identify and support vulnerable students.

We work with leading school groups in the state and independent sector in the UK and internationally. These more than 150 schools including the following :

  • The Academies Enterprise Trust
  • Cognita International Schools Group
  • 30% of leading HMC schools

STEER holds the largest high quality chronological tracking database of young people’s social-emotional development in UK


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"The STEER 'supporting vulnerable pupils' tool has been an absolute game changer. Why wouldn’t we want all our parents to have this app in a time of such anxiety?" Just two of the comments from schools receiving STEER's support during lockdown. STEER has used its technologies to remotely support...
Thursday, March 26, 2020
STEER's response to the Coronavirus pandemic has five core strands. We are providing schools with the ability to remotely support the wellbeing and mental health of their students, teachers and parents whilst schools are shutdown. For each pupil, coping with the pressures of a sustained school cl...
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STEER is proud to sponsor Royal Springboard, a charity which places disadvantaged students into boarding schools to create educational opportunities. STEER has tracked every placed Springboard student (about 250 students) for the past 2 years using AS Tracking without charge. AS Tracking provid...