Teen Tips and STEER

Teen Tips and STEER

In 2020 STEER and Teen Tips are working together to address the mental health problems faced by schools across the UK.

STEER and Teen Tips share the belief that proactive in-school support for student mental health is the most effective.

Where STEER provides you with whole-school pupil steering bias data, detection of hidden risks, and targeted action planning to signpost the right pupils, with the right messages, at the right time, Teen Tips provides a wider psychological training programme to equip your teachers as driving instructors accompanying your pupils along the school road.

Helping to Prevent Mental Illness

We are facing a mental health crisis. We know from years of working in schools that pupils are suffering more mental health ‘crashes’ than ever before.

The crisis is a symptom of environment, be that at home, in school or online and the focus has too long been on cure, not prevention.

But now, Teen Tips and STEER are working together to turn the tide on mental illness, with a comprehensive Pastoral Care Package that focuses firmly on prevention.

Watch our animation to see the benefits of our unique, aligned approach.

Gold Standard in Pastoral Care

STEER and Teen Tips provide a unique solution, working together to put the pupil voice at the heart of pastoral care and helping schools and parents to create environments in which children are heard, supported and can thrive.

  • Through STEER’s AS Tracking, your school can track all children’s social and emotional development, from age 8-18 and pick up the signals of a child’s steering biases before they become visible as manifest risks.
  • When combined with the Teen Tips Online Mental Health & Wellbeing Training, staff and parents can be fully aligned, engaged and equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to understand adolescent behaviour, identify and support pupils at risk of mental illness and create environments in which young people can thrive.

Buy Teen Tips Online Training & AS Tracking

Introduce AS Tracking and Teen Tips Online Training together into your school and get a 5% discount (discount in year one only) on each programme.

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Add AS Tracking To Your Existing Teen Tips Online Training

If you already have the Teen Tips online training programme in place, STEER will give you a 10% discount (discount in year one only) when you add AS Tracking.

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Add Teen Tips Online Training To Your Existing AS Tracking

If you already have AS Tracking in place, Teen Tips will give you a 10% discount (discount in year one only) when you add their Online Training Programme.

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