Equipping pupils to steer the road of adolescence


We are delighted to partner with Academies Enterprise Trust to support their student's social-emotional development, using AS Tracking. After impressive outcomes during a 2018 pilot led by four schools including Tendring Technical College, the AET Board backed a project to track 10,000 students across the group in 2019. The ambition is to roll out further across their 58 schools in coming years. The AET group is a pioneer in the UK state sector, leading the way in early-identification and targeted in-school support, using AS Tracking.

We are delighted that the Board of the Alpha Plus Group decided to fund the roll out of AS Tracking across their school group in 2019. From a successful launch with DLD College in 2017, the executive is supporting roll out across their 14 further schools.

STEER is a proud sponsor and support of the Royal National Springboard Foundation. We provide AS Tracking support and guidance for all Springboard students being placed into boarding schools around the UK. The STEER Board took the decision to offer this support without charge because of our belief that a successful and secure placement can be a cornerstone for a young life from disadvantaged circumstances. Our sponsorship is now in its third year and going from strength to strength.

Teen Tips offers parents and teachers high quality training in adolescent psychology. With a shared psychological underpinning to much of their work, STEER and Teen Tips have partnered to promote their respective services to schools across the UK. STEER's AS Tracking enables a school to track, apply and evidence the kind of careful psychological approach advocated by Teen Tips to the specific data of their school and students' lives. For a school using both, the impact is an strong grounding in robust adolescent pastoral care, combined with targeted evidence-based actions which demonstrate its impact.

In 2019 STEER was invited to design, launch and host the first FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival Educational Leaders Conference. As a festival partner, STEER is delighted to be running the same event at the prestigious 2020 festival, assesmbling a line up of global experts and educational thinkers in the field of education and AI.