Steer is a pioneer in education

Our technologies improve children's mental health and learning. By signposting the school road children learn to steer.

Tools such as AS Tracking help schools to better support their pupils to deal with the stress of modern life and, in doing so, be more likely to perform to the maximum of their academic potential.

Chris King, HMC Chair 2018

Think of the mind as a car. A mind that can steer well can learn effectively & relate healthily to others.

We call this the mind's steering cognition. Our studies show that steering cognition enables children to learn, work and be well.

We have been researching steering cognition for the past 17 years through experiments and studies. Steering cognition is related to what scientists call 'self-regulation' or 'metacognition'. Children with poor steering cognition are more likely to socially & emotionally crash, follow the herd or fail to learn as effectively.

In today's world, more children seem to be crashing. For example

  • Children’s mental health is declining
  • Online, children's minds are increasingly biased by group ideas & opinions
  • Employers say graduates are less able to manage effectively in the work place

The road from childhood to adulthood seems to be getting harder to navigate. Signposting children's minds to steer equips children with the ability to thrive as people, as learners and as future workers.

STEER was set up by two founders to improve STEERING COGNITION in education

STEER includes a team of UK-based clinicians, scientists, teachers and technology developers who are developing pioneering approaches to improve education around the world.

Our technologies, including the pioneering AS Tracking, are now being used by more than 60 leading independent schools to safeguard the mental health of nearly 20,000 children in the UK and around the world.

Dr Simon P. Walker, CEO

DProf, MTh, MA Oxon, BTh, MBPsS

Simon, the company's CEO, is a cognitive scientist whose major work has involved pioneering the description of steering cognition, over the course of 17 years research from 1999. Simon has been engaged as a consultant to improve the steering cognition in leaders of large organisations, including Accenture, KPMG, PWC, government and charitable sector organisations. He leads STEER'S research programme into Steering Cognition.

Simon has written numerous books and papers including an influential trilogy on the effects of steering cognition biases in leadership. His undergraduate studies at Oxford University were in Biological Science. He also holds MTh and BTh degrees. His doctorate was awarded for his contribution to professional fields of leadership & education. He is an Honorary Fellow at Bristol Graduate School of Education, an accredited executive coach and a qualified member of the British Psychological Society.

Dr Jo Walker, CSO

DProf, BA, QTS, Prof Dip

Jo is CSO and the author of AS Tracking and the Footprints curriculum. She left a 25 year OFSTED outstanding teaching and advisory career in the state sector to found STEER Education in 2010 with Dr Simon Walker.

She was an academic deputy head in a large inner city state school and before that, an award-winning BESD advisor. She has worked as a consultant to many secondary and primary, day and boarding schools. She holds a BA in English and a Prof Dip in Executive Coaching. Her doctorate was awarded for her pioneering contribution, by her development of AS Tracking, to the professional field of adolescent self-regulation in education.

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